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We building a coop lan game in this exquisite highlevel enet based multiplayer.
Now we are wondering how would you find lan games.

I was hopeing to see ip multicasting, but it seems this is not implemented.
How would you do it? Would you scan the subnet instead?
Must i use native code to get multicast?

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I thought the point of godot architecture was that you can use the server to send all the info to the newly connected clients



I am just guessing here.

ty for your comment. We've aready got the multiplayer part working (finer and easier than expected actually).
But in the spirit of old lan games we want to be able to search the network for open game servers.
So the problem is really: find the ip of the server in the lan.

i started hacking on a gdnative plugin:
(its very hacky atm)

I'm looking for the same thing, if you can get a solution please post here.

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