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Me, and my friend FiteNite, we are creating a game on godot together, and we would really appreatiate it if you would answer our questions, because we are only a couple months in our game called Fite Nite, and i am the artist, and that is why i asked this question! Thank you guys!(I do have another account, but for some reason, it forgot my own password, the accounts name is flipfootbunny1929.) I have posted a couple Questions on that one all ready, so game on!

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On the same screen, in which way?

  • Collaborative editing like Google Docs? No, not possible (like many other engines)
  • Working remotely as if you had Team Viewer on the same PC? It would quickly be a mess^^
  • Working on the same level/scene on two different computers? This is an organization problem, you can do this if you split the scene in components and work on separate components, or tell each other what you are working on so you don't have to deal with merges.
  • Using version control? Almost all developer teams use this (Git, SVN, Mercurial...) but if you work on the same files at the same time you still have to deal with merges, unless you organize better (you can also learn how to merge properly, that's also possible ;) )
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Alright! Thanks! I was looking at the third bullet point! We will probably split the scene, so we can both work on it together! I will try to learn how to merge properly, if i have time! I do have another question, but before i post it, i was going to see if you know. It might not be possible, but can you send stuff to other players, or talk/message other people on the engine, or on this website? just wondering! Thanks agian Zylann!

Thanks agian Zylann! I apreceate your help!

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I think you are looking for a version control system (git, svn... etc).

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Thank you bruteforce! I will try it!

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