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I am working on a project that will have a lot of scenes, and resources (2D, 3D, scripts and resources).

What do you suggest that I should proceed with the organizations of the folders / files regarding the Godot engine for a better "changescene" / "bestloading_time"?

Option A:
/meshes <- skeletons and animations included
/ ... etc

Option B:
/core_data: textures, materials, objects, fonts, scripts, sounds, music, videos, ... etc (separated folders for each type)

Option C:
/shared_data: common resources that at least 2 scenes will share, in separated folders
/scenes: each scene will have its own resources

I personally would go for "Option C", but I'm asking around since I don't know much about "inside" of Godot optimizations. I'm trying to optimize data loading times and memory fragmentation while change scenes.


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There is a page about this on read the docs. I'm very new to godot so can't give you advice from personal experience.


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