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hey! if anyone answers my question, thank you! i am working on a game with fight nite, and this is our first game, so please respond if you know the answer.

We are in the same group at school designing a game called "Fight Nite" (not official name) and I had run into a problem with the scripts of mine that supposedly control the kinematic body sprite. When I pressed run it had said "Identifier Not Found". So I need some help :3

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Please provide more information. Like:
What Godot version are you using?
Whats your script like?

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The most common cause for this error is failing to declare a variable. The error message tells you in what script and on what line the error occurs, so you can tell what variable is causing the problem.

In the future, please consider that it's far easier for someone to help you if you include the full error message and the code where it's happening. Otherwise we're all just guessing and it's going to take you a lot longer to get an answer.

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thank you kidscancode! i really apprceate that!

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