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Hi, i have certain problem about drawing a line from Vector2(0,0) to direction of my object.
It seems that if i rotate my object 90 degrees, the line rotates 180 degrees, it's like the line always rotate twice degrees of my object.

I hope that you guys can help me.

here's my code

func _fixed_process(delta):

func _draw():
    draw_line(direction * 100, Vector2(0,0), Color(1,1,1))

func process_input():
        orientation += rotationSpeed
        if(orientation > maxAngle):
            orientation -= 360
        orientation -= rotationSpeed
        if(orientation < 0):
            orientation = 0 - (orientation - 360)

func process_movement(delta):   
    direction.x = sin(get_rot())
    direction.y = cos(get_rot())
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The drawing commands already get the node transform applied to them so there's no need in your case to rotate the line separately:

draw_line(Vector2(0, 100), Vector2(0,0), Color(1,1,1))

should work.

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thank you. it works now.

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