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Is there a GodotSharp alternative to Engine.getmainloop().quit()?

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Why are you searching for an alternative? What's wrong with this function?

I can't find the C# equivalent to exit the game. Is there an api reference online somewhere?

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I found it! I was Originally calling Engine.GetMainLoop.(LIST OF METHODS) and GetTree.(LIST OF METHODS)but quit is under GetTree().Quit() Thanks Zylann.

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Looking at this doc page: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/learning/features/misc/handling_quit_requests.html

It seems Engine.get_main_loop().quit() doesn't exist. Instead the function is in SceneTree, and you trigger it by doing get_tree().quit().

Note that in C# the name format is CamelCase instead of snake_case, but the API is the same for all languages (and specified as snake_case^^)

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