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here we go again :)
I don't know where is the problem but scene saving time is about 1 min (or more), here is some images:
enter image description here

Image above is when not saving and image below when is saving (in this case CPU2 100% busy):
enter image description here

In scene is just simple mesh (Verts: 71, Edges: 111, Faces: 42, Tris: 138) and WorldEnvironment node with some basic images as skybox.
OS Linux Mint 17.2 64-bit
CPU i7-2600
RAM 8 Gb

sometimes change a little bit of code and trying to run game and before run its saving, bit annoying to wait about 1 every time and this happens just with main scene. maybe some one know where is problem?

thank you

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Does the long saving delay happen in brand-new, empty projects? Or is it because you've imported large resources into the scene? If it's the latter, then it's a known issue with Godot. I hope it'll eventually be fixed.

ok I found a problem, I make a new project and try to replicate old one, saving time was normal until I add cube map in WorldEnvironment node and put simple image (1024x1024) as skybox. can we say that 1024x1024 image size large?

have a 1600 x 1200 image of 3.2m in my project(well, it's a 2D project) and still saves in seconds. and my pc specs are very low :/

so I guess it is some sort of bug then.

Just throw my 5 cents here. You can save your cubemap as a separate .cbm file, and then it saves normally. Looks like Godot have some problems storing cubemaps inside the scenes.

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