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Hi, how to determine the movement of the fingers. I make the 2x analog stick.

I made one. but the second finger leads and breaks


var trails = {
    'Control' : null,
    'Control1'  : null


extends TouchScreenButton

var pressed
var uname

func _ready():

func _input(event):
    if(InputEvent.SCREEN_TOUCH == event.type):
    elif(InputEvent.SCREEN_DRAG == event.type) :
        if global.trails[get_name()] == null and  pressed:
            global.trails[get_name()] = event.index
            for i in global.trails:
                if i != get_name():
        if(event.index == global.trails[get_name()]) and global.trails[uname] != event.index:

func _on_Control_pressed():
    pressed = true

func _on_Control_released():
    pressed = false
    global.trails[get_name()] = null

It certainly works but sometimes the touch does not count and skips from the first joystick

I add 2 items ('Control' and 'Control1') and they sometimes conflictual

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I don't understand your code fully, but you need to keep the pressed status of each touch index independently. I would suggest using a Dictionary to map active indices to information about touch state.

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