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So, i have like a panel (patch9frame) which shows when the player enters an area
I want to control it from another script so i used get_node(path)
I accesed it with .and i wrote the show()keyword
Like get_node(path).show()
But i got an error
"Attempt to call function 'show' in base 'null instance' on a null instance."
Is there any other way i can show/hide a patch9frame?

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2 Answers

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Try get_node("path").show()

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tried, doesn't work
error :"Attempt to call function 'show' in base 'null instance' on a null instance."

Then like Zylann said your node path is incorrect.

Here are some example from the documentation.

You also can right click the node and select Copy Node Path, and paste it in your script.

enter image description here

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Also make sure your node path is correct. If you are unsure about an error in the debugger, have a look at the system console too, it sometimes contains more info ;)

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In the system console:
ERROR: Node not found: Player
In the debugger:
Node not found: Player

Yup, so the path is wrong, fix it :p

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