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I'm hoping to have a large image (6000 x 6000) based on a repeating image actually 600 x 600 as a starfield that a ship will fly across - see this project:


In the Godot editor I can see the huge image but when I run it, the image is gone, and there's an error:

ERROR: ImageLoader::load_image: Error opening file: res://main.tscn::1
   At: core\io\image_loader.cpp:53
asked Nov 5, 2017 in Engine by imekon (229 points)

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Resized the image to 512 x 512 and changed the repeating region size to 16384 x 16384 - that seems to have cured it. Image size needs to be a power of 2.

answered Nov 5, 2017 by imekon (229 points)
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