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Hi, I have some motion capture data recorded in BVH format.

I'd like to import it via GDscript, slightly remap and apply it to a character skeleton that I have imported as a Scene.

Each BVH frame contains data like this:

Leftleg: 'Time', 'Xposition', 'Yposition', 'Zposition', 'Yrotation', 'Xrotation', 'Zrotation'

for example:

Leftleg: 0.008, 324.790436, 86.519325, 779.784607, -109.290268, -2.373593, 12.830636

I've tried creating a new animation and a new track and adding the data like this:

var anim = Animation.new()
anim.add_track( 0 ) 
anim.track_set_path(0, "pathSkeleton:Leftleg")
anim.transform_track_insert_key( 0, 0.008000, Vector3(324.790436, 86.519325, 779.784607), Quat(-109.290268, -2.373593, 12.830636, 0), Vector3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0) ) 
animplayer.add_animation("dance", anim)

It doesn't work and I get a lot of errors when playing the animation like:

ERROR: transform_track_insert_key: Condition ' t->type != TYPE_TRANSFORM ' is true. returned: -1

I think I need to do more to the location Vector3 and the Quat rotation than just a 1:1 transfer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Godot 3 has been great to work with so far and getting mocap data into godot would be amazing.

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It looks like you're adding the wrong type of track in add_track. Should be 1 or Animation.TYPE_TRANSFORM.

Hey thanks! That really helped.

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