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I'm trying to create an animation on the "modulate" property of an AnimatedSprite, pretty simple.
I use an AnimationPlayer on the AnimatedSprite, I create a new animation, then a key on the "modulate" property. I move aroud the timeline, set up my animation and when I click the play button nothing happens, plus the timeline gets all grey and I can't move around it anymore: the blue vertical line gets stuck.
I tried animating other properties, like the position; I tried animating a simple Sprite node, but it's not working.
It feels like a simple problem, but I can't make it work, can anyone help me? I'm not sure it's a bug, since I've tried the most recent build and it still didn't work (I'm currently using a build from a week ago or something).

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I'm using 4396712 revision which is 5 days ago. it works fine for me.
you can report it with a sample project to be able to reproduce on github if your problem persists.

I tried it, it still doesn't work.
It might be a bug, AnimationPlayer seems to work fine in other scenes.

can you share the scene with problems, or a screen to show what happens?

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