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I recently tried learning animation blending. I thought it would be easier to first try a simple 2D setup, but nothing's working.

I have a sprite, with two animations: "move up" (which is simply the sprite moving up) and "move left" (which is the sprite moving to the left)

I tried to blend them, so that the sprite goes diagonally upwards. I added an AnimationTreePlayer, and set the Master Player to the AnimationPlayer.

I then added two Animation nodes (and set them to the correct animations), added a Blend2 node, and connected everything. I also played with the Blend slider on the Blend2 node.

It just plays one of the animations. Am I getting this concept of animation blending all wrong? I know it's mostly meant for IK stuff, but shouldn't this work as well?

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Nevermind, I screwed up with my coding and didn't set the AnimationTreePlayer to active. Now it works exactly as expected.

So, folks, remember to always activate the AnimationTreePlayer.

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