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How can I import a single sprite sheet to animate my character? I mean, do I need to have every sprite frame to import into my AnimatedSprite? Or is there a different solution?
Consider a spritesheet like this:

Thank you.

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Following Eons answer, you should make sure the frames/cells in your spritesheet are also uniform in dimension.

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You can add the spritesheet to a Sprite node, then use the hframes and vframes to define the way it is divided.

After that, just modify/animate the frame property of the sprite node.

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can you incorporate a sprite/animation node into a animatedsprite node?

hi, this solution is correct ?!?!?!

By the time of the question, it was the only way, now you can use spritesheets on AnimatedSprite too (I'm not sure if is on 3.1 already but will be on 3.2).

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