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I have a simple projectile that is an Area2d with a sprite in it. I am moving towards a set position. I want to scale down based on how far along I am - 50% of the way there should be 50% smaller etc.

node.scale(Vector2(0.5, 0.5)) seems to be additive because my node (projectile) disappears quickly. What am I doing wrong here?

var percentleft = targetpoint.distance_to(self.get_global_pos())/initialflightdistance
self.scale(Vector2(percentleft ,percentleft))

I am thinking that I need some other approach, like a global scale. This call seems to be "additive" to the existing scale on the object? So I might scale to 90% then 90% of that 90% then 90% of that and so on.



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This seems like the perfect opportunity to use a Tween:

Set the Tween to interpolate the transform/scale property.

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I will look into that. Thank you.

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You want to use set_scale() if you want to specifically set it, scale() applies the value against the current scaling.

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So "scale" scales the value you already have, and set_scale is absolute then? That makes sense based on what I am seeing.

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