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Im trying to make a game and one of the things that i wanted to do was have an input event spawn a aiming reticle and then despawn upon release of the of the input; but the problem is that the input isn't responding for some reason.

if event.is_action_pressed("Up_Place"):
    s = Aim.instance()

this is for spawning the reticle.

elif event.is_action_released("Up_Place"):
    var r = get_node("Aiming_Reticle")

this gets the reticle and then despawns it. I tried taking apart the code leaving only the event is action pressed and then added a print function to test the event.

if event.is_action_pressed("Up_Place"):

if doesn't show up in the debugger, can someone help me with this.

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What notification are you putting this code in? This looks like 2.x code?

im sorry im kind of godot(and game making in general) noob so i don't know what notification your talking about if you mean the key i put in InputMaps then im using the 8,4,5,6 as a sort of second wasd key set

In the input mapping, are the names exactly like that? (upper/lowercase)
And _input is enabled?

no, recently when i put the inputs in they start calling it UP, LEFT, or unknown and yes i'm using the func _input(event) if thats what you mean

You need to call set_process_input(true) at some point or the code in _input will never run. A good place for it is somewhere in _ready.

i got it working thank you.

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