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Is it possible to set up Godot somehow that more than one person at once can work on a scene? Like person A is only working with the tileset-grid system and person B inserts other objects to the scene (while live mode is running)?

I just figured that the editor itself doesn't reload the current scene file, if its modified by another user (same files were shared via MegaSync, the modified file was shared immediately). I guess that has something to do with a temp file the editor users (so it doesn't recognize that "new" changed file). Maybe its possible to turn off the temp-file use?

Thanks in Advance.

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Currently Godot doesn't support live editing like Google Docs would. It's very hard to do right, something even more complicated than making a multiplayer game in the first place.

If what you are talking about is running Godot on a project where files are modified externally by others, there is a very, very high chance that you will step on each other's toes or overwrite changes.

The best way to work collaboratively is currently using version control such as Git, SVN or Mercurial. It's not "live" editing, but it has been working great already for a very long time.

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Thanks for the Answer.

I found out it almost works - When you share a changed scene file between user A and user B while the game is running at user B's acount, the "live" game gets updated correctly - but the the file in the editor gets not reloaded. According to the follwing link, this problem should have been fixed already, but it still exists :(

Maybe its useful to write a script for this that automatically reloads the scene file in the editor, every few minutes - do you think that solution would work?

Of course you could still step on each other's toes or overwrite changes. But I am aiming more for a fun "live" thingy than for serious development.

If you can reproduce the problem about reloading files, you could post a new issue about it (note that Godot should probably not reload stuff if it's not focused, it would be a nightmare when syncing large projects)

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