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Hello there!

After a long pause since I've been busy with other stuff, I can finally get back to messing around with Godot to try and develop a project of mine. But since Godot 3 is on the way, I was wondering if I should start developing with 3.0 (which is unstable) or stick to 2.1.
Should I choose Godot 3.0 over stability or 2.1 over features?

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I think if you want to help with reporting bugs with Godot 3, then by all means use it. Howver, if you are like me; just starting out with it. The lack of documentation may not be much help to you and cuase you to waste time when you may want to be productive instead.

I was tempted by Godot 3 but I like the stability of Godot 2. It does everything I need so far, which is 2D pixel art style projects.

I think that's a good point, although I have faith in the master branch documentation, I've read they are trying to improve it and I'm already appreciating those improvements (the new "your first game" guide is much much better imo).
Besides, my main concern is that by the time my game is finished, 3.0 will be out and I'll have missed all the new features.
I don't know really... I'm still confused :p

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If I were you, I will choose 3.0 for my personal project. :)

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Can I ask you why? :D
Can you be more specific?

my favorite part is about gdscript changes.

with 2.x, code should be something like this.

get_node("name").set_pos(get_node("name").get_pos() + Vector2(1,0))

but with 3.x, it can be done like this

$name.position.x += 1

it's really simple and intuitive.

Yes but what abount instability? Should I go for it in spite of that?

IMO, it's stable enough to proceed personal project with latest master branch.

Got it, thank you for your answer :)

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