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I noticed that it is possible to add other types of tracks to an AnimationPlayer node besides the "Normal Track" to animate properties. The usage of the "Call func" track is explained here: http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2015/06/07/Godot-Engine-Tutorial-Part-10-Animation.aspx

But what is the purpose of the "Transform Track? I couldnt find anything related to this in the official documentation or other sites.


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The docs for the Animation class say:

Transform tracks are used to change node local transforms or skeleton pose bones. Transitions are Interpolated.

They are basically used to set the transformation of Spatial-derived nodes. Their primary use, in my experience, is animating Skeletons. For example, if you import an armature-based 3D animated character into Godot, the animation tracks of the bones will be Transform tracks.

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Thank you for your explanation. I guess I missed the sentence in the docs. But your example makes it even clearer to me.

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