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I have a line of text in the RichTextLabel Bbcode field that reads:

OF AMERICA. INC.[/code][/center]

My issue is I can't get the line break/ new line to happen. As you can see I tried typing "\n" and have also tried "\r" which are common ways to do this in C-like languages. How can I get my line of text to appear in my app like the following?:

TM AND ©1989

If I need to use GDScript; I am new to GDScript, so example code is welcome. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hi again!

"\n" is the way to go:


Displays here (Godot 2.1.4) a text with a line feed.
When initializing the text with content from translation csv-files (no auto-init here I think)



I have a hex 0A in the csv-file for translation. (As done by open calc which I use as csv-editor).

When you want to set the linefeed directly in the godot editor (without gdscript) then just click the little icon right of the bbcode value field. A multiline editor will open where you can simply enter line feeds by pressing return.

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Thank you! You've been giving me an excellent impression of the Godot community!

The GUI based solution is what I need now - that worked.

Regarding the translation csv stuff. I'm not there yet. I will definitely favoritye your response though because I do intend to work with dynmaically loaded text in the future.

Thanks for including the GDScript solution. I suspect I will be needing that soon.

Best regards on the crunchy response. I hope that I may be able to help others as I begin stepping up. Cheers!

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