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I'm building a multiplayer game, and I'm not sure how to implement the game, would it be nice to build it using godot itself? I think of doing the following:

  • I program a launcher for the game that would be the files that players would download (like a game godot that is just a scene, with the small common screen of lauchers.
  • When you run the laucher, it opens the scene where the current version is verified on the server, and the client version, if different, then downloads the new version. (How would you just download the files that were changed?)
  • then the "play" button would be released and you could play the updated game, which would be the godot scene running the game and ending the launcher. (I have how to do this?)

the questions that appear to me at the beginning are: can I let the player choose the way the files will be downloaded? is there a simple way to check the files and only download the modified ones? and I have how to run another game inside a godot game like said above?

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Personally, for a launcher application, I would use Qt - or another cross-platform application framework if I didn't know c++. There's PyQT for Python, for example.

Launcher applications typically require a whole bunch of functionality (download management, file reading/writing, patch notes, maybe mod management, etc.) that is best served with a UI framework like that and not a game engine IMO.
They have far more in common with "normal" user applications than with games.

Of course, if you want a highly stylized launcher (displaying actual 3D graphics), you'd be better off using the game engine.

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I thought I would do it in QT, but I do not have much experience with QT, I already mechi with SDL, but I think if it were to do with SDL, it would be even better to do in Godot, which would be a faster job, I thought of doing in javascript + html + css too, actually it's the one I'm most thinking of doing because I've never done a desktop application using javascript, so it would be a new experience, an opportunity to learn something different.(https://electron.atom.io/).

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Have you seen this Open-Source Repository?


Launchpad is basically an open source game launcher program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was originally made for the Unreal Engine but it has been improvised to include any other engines! You could clone it and figure out a way to improvise or mod the software to best fit your needs.

Open Source softwares are awesome! :)

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Thank you for sharing, I've never seen it, I'll study it.

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