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Hi guys, sorry for my english ;) i'm just a french frog :D
Well, I create a save system, really simple, write in JSON file. When I launch a demo on Godot there is no problem, everything works fine. But after export (for win and android) I have an Error in debug console.

ERROR: _File::store_line: Condition ' !f ' is true.
At: core\bind\core_bind.cpp:1687 

My script :

data = {"_Save" : {"dial" : saveDial,"rep" : saveRep}}
var file = File.new()
file.open("res://json/savelogs.json", File.WRITE)

I add *.json on "Filters to export non-resource files" and I choose "Export all resources in the project". I use godot v2.1.4 on win 10 x64.

Any idea ?!

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generated data in game should be stored under user:// instead of res://
mostly, it's prohibited to modify resources under res://

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That works fine !! Thanks a lot ;)

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