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Like the users posting this question and this one, I too have exported a game for Windows, and user DPI setings above 100% are causing my game to expand past the screen, making it appear that elements are cutoff. This has led to the game looking like it "lacked effort" for some, or that the UI was "broken" for others, before these users had disabled Windows DPI scaling behavior for the exe.

This isn't really something I want to have to burden users with doing any time I release a Windows build that can take fullscreen. Is there a way to export builds that ignore Windows DPI scaling? If not, what would be a good suggestion to make it as painless as possible for users to just "jump right in" with no visual weirdness?

Here is the game in question if you want to see what I mean. So far I've gotten no negative feedback on the Mac/Linux builds so I believe the issue only affects Windows.

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In order to avoid this problem, executables (their threads, to be accurate) should be marked as DPI-aware, not as DPI-unaware (by default, they are DPI-unaware). However, this isn't supported yet in Godot.

Oh I mixed those terms up, what you describe was what I meant. Thanks for the heads up on that. Is this change implemented in Godot 3.0 just yet? I notice the issue you linked is only 7 days old but I know dev on 3.0 moves fast. I guess I could just download a nightly and try it myself :)

Either way, thanks for the reply.

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Check out Calinou's response in the comments on the question regarding the upcoming DPI-aware support!

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