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So basically Im working on a platformer, and i added a tileset

When i move the character sometimes it'll move smoothly over them, other time the character will freeze in a random spot, any ideas as to why it's doing this?

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Looks similar to Weird behaviour on tileset and rectangle collision shape.
Maybe the answer there helps you.

I sort of had the same problem as you are describing. I figured out it happened on places where two adjecent tiles connect, so the physics engine sometimes interprets it as a small gap. When I made my collision shape a single big thing the problem was gone.

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Not so much of a fix or anything, but i decided to just put the tileset (removing all collision nodes from it first, so it's just sprites), then Just using collision polygon to map out the areas of which i need collideable

I dunno if this is optimal but meh, whatever works, works, right?

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