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I'm using Godot for maybe a month now, still learning stuff. This is my first question.

So I'm building an app that's focused on playing different sounds from the SamplePlayer, changing their volumes, muting/unmuting them and so on. What is essential for the app is for sound to be able to play even while Android screen is locked.

I couldn't find how to do this, I've tried in project settings, SamplePlayer node inspector and tried from the code but was unable to do it. Any help appreciated! :)

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Are you thinking of having the sound for a long time running even with the screen locked ? i am not sure Godot has this ability natively, IMHO you will have to do some decent hack for it to work and it wont be portable (ios, windows...)

Yes, the sound is looping in SamplePlayer so it would play for a long time. I don't need it portable, only on Android export.
I read it can be done with Android service but I'm not sure how to implement/override that in Godot :(

Bro, did you found a way? :"(

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