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Along with other downloads there's a "Linux Server x64" build present on the download page.

What is it for?

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From what I can tell, it's used to run games in the background. You can put the file into a game's project folder or in the same folder as a .pck file and run the file through terminal. It's used for stuff like hosting a dedicated server without wasting resources on the rendering window and audio. It also seems to run at a lower FPS than normal (mine seemed to cap at about 43 FPS when my games cap at 144 FPS), and I think it's very useful because when hosting a server without it, the server would disconnect when the game stopped being the active window (aka I alt-tabbed to another window). Sadly however (well, I'm a linux user so not really the case for me), the server binary is only available for linux, but on windows you can do something similar by running the game in CMD with the flags: -quiet -nowindow

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