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Hi everyone,

I have built the latest (3.0-alpha) version of Godot, along with the export templates. However I'm getting the following error in the Export Template Manager:

3.0-alpha (Missing)

And here is a screenshot of the error:

Screenshot of the error

I have built the export templates, and put them in the ~/.godot/templates directory. Here is a screenshot of the contents of my templates directory:

enter image description here

Why is this error showing? I have tried to use the "Install From File" button at the bottom, but this expects a ".tpz" godot template file which is not the output of the build.

Thanks for your help!

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Templates are stored by version now. For 3.0-alpha, put them in templates/3.0-alpha.

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Thanks Eska - that was it! I've made a pull request which will add a reference to this in the docs.


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