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I have my camera2d, as a child of character which is Rigidbody2d. I have the current option on. and have also set the limits in previous levels. So the camera follows the player as he goes left and right. But the camera does not follow if he goes up (climbing up obstacles).

Any idea how to solve this? EMERGENCY pls!!!!


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show your scene hierarchy and camera2d properties.

you mean u want to see it?

Screen hierarchy :

level04(node2d) -> player(rigidBody2d) -> camera2D

and camera2d properties are as follows:

left = -25
top = 80
Right = 5200
Bottom = -150

And my height is 540 and width is 940.

did you try higher value for top, like 1000 or 2000?

Yes it just goes down then...below the ground...the camera bounces way down instead of up...and nothing mch happens when i do it for bottom

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