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I am relativly new to coding, especially GDScript. However, I was planning on making a game that requires a maze generator. I found a tutourial online that sets up a Node2D and inserts the following code:

#My Maze Generator
extends Node2D

var width=19; var height=width; var start= Vector2(1,1); var goal= Vector2(width-2,height-2)
var queue=[start]; var cell; var first_cell; var i; var j; var neighbor_cell; var path
var grid=[]; var x1=0; var y1 = 0; var x2=0; var y2=0; var size_cell

func _ready():
    size_cell = get_viewport_rect().size/width
    for i in range(0,width): grid.append([])
        for j in range(0,height): grid[i].append(-1); pass

func carve_maze(x,y):
    var dir = int(rand_range(0,3)); var count=0
    while count < 4:
        var dx = 0; var dy = 0;
        if dir==0: dx=1
        elif dir==1: dy=1
        elif dir==2: dx=-1
        else: dy = -1
        x1=x+dx; y1=y+dy; x2=x1+dx; y2=y1+dy
        if x2>0 and x2< width and y2>0 and y2<height:
            if grid[x1][y1]== -1 and grid[x2][y2]==-1:
                grid[x1][y1]=-2; grid[x2][y2]=-2; carve_maze(x2,y2)

func generate_maze():
    grid[1][1]=-2; carve_maze(1,1)
    return grid

func mark_cell(x,y,cell):
    if (0 <= x<height and 0 <= y < width and grid[x][y]==-2):

func solve_grid(grid, start, goal):
    while not (queue.empty()):
        if grid[goal.x][goal.y]>0:return cell+1
    return -1

func move(cell):
    for neighbor_cell in [Vector2(i+1,j), Vector2(i-1,j), Vector2(i,j+1), Vector2(i,j-1)]:
        if (0<=neighbor_cell.x < height and 0 <= neighbor_cell.y < width and grid[neighbor_cell.x][neighbor_cell.y] ==cell):
            i=neighbor_cell.x; j=neighbor_cell.y
            return neighbor_cell

func findPath(grid,goal):
    i=goal.x; j=goal.y
    path = [Vector(i,j)]
    while cell > 0:
        cell -= 1
    return path

func _draw():
    grid[1][0] = -2; grid[width-2][height-1]=-2
    for y in range (0,grid.size()):
        for x in range(0,grid.size()):
            if grid[y][x]==-1: draw_rect(Rect2(x*size_cell.y,y*size_cell.y,size_cell.y-2,size_cell.y-2), Color(0.5,0.3,0.3))
            else: draw_rect(Rect2(x*size_cell.y,y*size_cell.y,size_cell.y-2,size_cell.y-2),Color(0,1,0))
        for find in path: draw_rect(Rect2(find.y*size_cell.y,find.x*size_cell.y, size_cell.y-2,size_cell.y-2), Color(0,1,0))

Yet, when I start the project just freezes. Any clues on how to fix this?

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"just freezes" - no error message?

Also, it would be much easier to understand your code if your formatting wasn't messed up. You can use the code button above (looks like {}) or just put a 4-space indent in front of each line:

func _ready():

Fixed the formatting.

I have not looked at the code but I recommend you to put a breakpoint and follow it, maybe you have made an infinite loop somewhere.

If the Maze is very large, the findPath() could very well just kill the application.

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