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I've exported the asteroid game (Asteroids 1.0 Projects Testing. Submitted by user Xydium in Godot Asset) for HTML5 (testing purpose) and despite no resize occurs everything drawn with line (ship & asteroids) do not appear, any clue why ?

Firing fires,
collisions collision,
just graphically lines aren't displayed.

That's why I tried to export a smaller viewport/iframe, to be sure no resize occurs, but still, same situation.

asked Sep 4, 2017 in Gossip by Graphitik (32 points)

Oh yes, exactly that, thanks for the catch & headup !
It even seems discussed as being solved in next release Godot 3.0

eska014 commented on 6 Apr
Tested this, fixed in 3.0

I'm myself too new to Godot, I thought I was missing some flag, parameters, attributes,.. to have it properly exported and displayed.

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Answered perfectly by volzhs in comment below my question

answered Sep 5, 2017 by Graphitik (32 points)
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