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Just like that. I download Godot 2.1.4, 64 bits and don't write the print() calls...


My OS is windows 8.1 Enterprise 64

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Well there could be a range of causes for this problem. What is your code?

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I have the same issue on Windows 8.1.
The print does not output anything to the console.

In my case it's the exact same files/code.
When I open with 2.1.3 it works.

btw im on the same os using 2.1.3 just fine, never tried 2.1.4 and dont see a reason why i should

Same problem, same OS (64).
I'm having no problems with 2.1.3 but 2.1.4 does not write any output or debugger/error messages at all.
It seems to be related to THIS ISSUE but neither checking windows firewall exceptions or debughost ip, or changing debugport & remote_port makes any difference.

Possibly off topic, but 2.1.4. also takes significantly longer to start (F5) projects, and made the virus program much more nervous.

Does not matter which code I write the version 2.1.4 of Godot don't write in the Output console...but the exact code, or any, using the 2.1.3 function perfect...Why?

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A new answer on the question "Debugger and output malfunction" worked for me!


settings (top right corner of godot) -> editor settings -> network -> change port to

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Well, it start to function well now but I haven't touch that option so maybe that's not the real problem...

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