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Hi all,

I have JSON data in a dictionary called dict. I want to draw characters by calling the below fuction with something like drawCharacter(4).

func drawCharacter(id):

The problem is I can't do the above as if I try and use id in the string like below:

func drawCharacter(id):

... it doesn't work and returns an error that it's an invalid index.

I can ONLY get it to work if it's wrapped in " like in the first example.

How can I make this work? I'm currently stuck. Any help very much appreciated...

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if you call it as drawCharacter(4) then the id is an integer and not a string... try replacing the 4 with "4" so it will be a string and not an integer

Hey there, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately the 4 in my example was just to show what might be sent. It really needs to be whatever is in id. Therefore it has to be a dynamically changing variable and not hard coded.

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Use str() to convert id to string:

func drawCharacter(id):
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OK I'm at a loss. First of all, thank you so much. I tried that last night you see. It failed. That was the main reason I asked here. "Why can't I convert to a string?!" I was thinking.

So then I try again this morning before replying and it ... it worked. I must have been too tired and had a typo. Thanks so much. You solved the issue.

Thank you so much dude!

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