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I'm using the current stable version.

The engine is setup to map any controller to the GUI. But in my case, I don't want it to interact with the GUI, as mouse and keyboard allready does. In case you'd ask, it's a dual-screen game, so both the GUI and the game are always active, each inside a screen.

I went to the engine configuration menu, input section, and clicked the little trash button to delete the controller device from the ui-accept event. But after launching the game, the A button from my controller still triggers the button node currently focused. And after restarting Godot, the controller button "A" (XBox360 controller) reappears inside the ui-accept event mapping. I deduced my precedent operation didn't change anything but the engine menu's apparence =P .

I then opened the engine.cfg to delete manually the command, but it seems that only my own events appear here. I'm not good at coding, but I assume the [input] flag imports all presets events, and I'm not sure I want to modify the Engine files by myself, plus I think it would change the event mapping for all my projects, and that's not what I want.

How can I fix this ?

Sorry if that's unclear or if I made mistakes, and thank you very much.

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