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Hi all,

I have a JSON file that describes my characters.

I have a character select screen and it loads the JSON data to feed the interface and allow you to cycle through the characters.

I want to be able to say, only show characters with X attributes and Y attributes.

So I have a function like so:

func loadCharacters(X, Y):
    var file = File.new()
    file.open("res://json/characters.json", file.READ)
    var text = file.get_as_text()

    #get how many are in results

    # print something from the dictionary for testing.

So that all works as a base test which is fine. The print shows the contents of the third character.

How can I get ONLY characters that have X and Y that's being passed to the function? I have ALL the character's info in the dict but I want to now parse that or extract from there based on X and Y.

Any advice much appreciated.

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...aaand I figured it out.

For future reference to help:

for i in dict:
    if dict[i]["x"] == x and dict[i]["y"] <= y:

Above is just an example, but it should suffice to help guide. All the best.

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@Robster, can you please show part of your .json file? I don't understand how to control which character I want to use.

" # print something from the dictionary for testing.
How is it look in your .json file? "3" I mean.
Thank you

Hey there sure. I would change it nowdays maybe, not sure, but this is what I did then:

  "0" : {
    "name": "James Rashburn",
    "image": "fighter-James.png",
    "hired": false,
    "salary": 6000,
    "level": 1,
    "confidence": 2
  "1" : {
    "name": "Sarah Smith",
    "image": "fighter-Sarah.png",
    "hired": false,
    "salary": 14000,
    "level": 2,
    "confidence": 9
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