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i have a function which add a pausemenu to the scene(instance) which is triggered by a button press or a quit request(notification)
the function seems to run well when triggered by the button but when its triggered from the quit request the instance isn't added to the scene...


func _on_pause_button_pressed():
        var cam_pos = get_node("Camera2D").get_pos()
        var pause_menu = pause_class.instance()

_notification function:

   func _notification(what):
        if(what == 7 and get_tree().is_paused() == false):
            print("quit request")

i tried calling addchild on getparent() and a specific node in the scene but it wont seem to work
I'm using Godot version 1.1 stable, is this a bug that has been fixed in the newer version or am i doing something wrong

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Same error on Godot 2.0.

enter image description here

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Answered by Mariano Suligoy and Juan Alpaca :
to add a node inside a notification use calldefferred, so the node will be added when the idle frame ends:

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Add this:

func _ready():

The auto_accept_quit from project settings doesn't work.

If auto_accept_quit is true, application runs your code (you should be able to see "quit request" message in console and maybe in debugger) and closes the app instantly after it's done.

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