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good day, I am using this link to go through and build the "buildsystem" for compiling godot game with android : http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/development/compiling/introduction_to_the_buildsystem.html

At the point where i am entering the following command :

user@host:~/godot$ scons platform=x11 -j 4

It runs, but stops randomly in middle where this shows :


and it does not go further. PLease help. I pressed ctrl+c to stop/pause the build to see what the error is, and it shows that this file is not found - 'sconsign.py'.

I have executed all the settings/commands for compiling for android beforehand, and then realised i needed to build the system first. I have scons build system installed etc. Please help accordingly, as how to solve this problem. Thanks

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