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I found a .fbx model of character and imported it in Blender. It worked fine. I opened some animations in .bvh format and they just worked - skeleton is ok. So I exported this model in .dae format and imported it in Godot as scene.
When Godot imported it, I saw nothing - character was invisible. I tried to move parts of character out of skeleton in hierarchy, and they became visible. But when I assign them to the skeleton, they become invisible. What is wrong with the skeleton?

I tried both .dae exporters for blender - built-in export and with Better Collada. Both give me the same result.

But then I tried to export it in 3DS Max in Collada format, imported it in Godot and saw the working skeleton! But character was imported without textures, so I assigned them manually. But then I need to add animations. I have many animations in .bvh format and many characters to animate with them. Is there a way to combine them in godot, or I need to repeat the same work for all characters manually in model editor?

Added 2:
I've looked at engine's console log after import of Better Collada's output and have found there many errors like these:

populating joint mixamorig:Hips

ERROR: Skeleton::add_bone: Condition ' p_name == "" || p_name.find(":") != -1 || p_name.find("/") != -1 ' is true.
   At: scene\3d\skeleton.cpp:294
ERROR: Skeleton::set_bone_rest: Index p_bone out of size (bones.size()).
   At: scene\3d\skeleton.cpp:378

and this:

ERROR: Node::is_editable_instance: Condition ' !is_a_parent_of(p_node) ' is true. returned: false
   At: scene\main\node.cpp:1375

Result of import is an empty Skeleton object without bones, so its children become invisible.

So, I think, it is bug in Godot?

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Having the same question. Can anyone help?

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