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I want to use godot with Qt. I appreciate if anyone could be more specific about how to configure Qt to use godot, especially about how to prepare the Build configuration and the Run configuration.

The godot manual says that I should do the following:
Click on Projects and open the Build tab.
Delete the pre-defined make build step.
Click Add Build Step -> Custom Process Step.
Type scons in the Command field.
Fill the field with your compilation options. (e.g.: p=x11 target=debug -j 4)

when I type p=x11 target=debug -j 4 in the Arguments for the Build steps, and p=x11 target=debug -j 4 --clean for the clean steps field and when I press the build project button I get the following message “Python has stopped working” . I’m using windows. How can I configure this for windows? (I have an hp 8770w, with processor 3920xm)

The following video helped me until minute 2:36


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I think I found the problem, I need to follow this instructions

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