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So, i want my character(KinematicBody2D) to interact with tiles when colliding with them. They are located in a Tilemap. There are 6 tiles but i want to interact with only one. How i can get that tile in code? I tried getnode and getnodeandresource but i get an error.
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Individual tiles in the tilemap can be accessed using get_cell()

To convert from world coordinates (player's pos) to tile coordinates, use world_to_map()

For example:

if is_colliding():
    var tile_pos = map.world_to_map(get_pos())
    var cell = map.get_cell(tile_pos.x, tile_pos.y)

See the TileMap docs for details:

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When i do this, my tiles disappper. Don't know why... I used
var tilepos = getnode('TileMap').map.worldtomap(getpos()) and
var cell = get
node('TileMap').map.getcell(tilepos.x, tile_pos.y)
in KinematicBody2D but my tiles just disappear.

To be clear, your tiles disappear when you do get_node()? That doesn't seem possible, as that code doesn't alter anything - are you sure you're not doing something else as well?

Also, is your TileMap a child of KinematicBody2D? That seems strange...

Yes, my tiles just dissapear. And if i delete these two variables (tilepos and cell) they re-appear.
TileMap is not a child of KinematicBody2D, is a child of Node2D

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