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I was just wondering what the advantage of using GDscript instead of Python for scripting. some problems with using GDscript would be to learn another language. GDscript also has fewer dedicated libraries for specific/special tasks.
Python is widely used all over the world and would be great for beginners. some implementations are made to sped up python such as pypy, cpython and cython. It is also a great choice for programming game A.I. due to their mature libraries in machine learning. It can also easily integrate server side contents for making MMOs

I've never used GDscript. I've always used C++ modules.

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To the downvoters: please explain, since currently it looks like you want to run away from the problem by burying it in downvotes... :-)

what about having FAQ for these questions asked frequently?

We have a FAQ.

It would be better if there is FAQ link on top menu here.

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I suppose you can find answer in the documentation

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From the documentation, this is what I understand. They would use Python ,but Python's way of doing things doesn't work well with the idea of nodes. So they had to create gdscript to fix that. But gdscript is very in influenced by Python.

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Just a small correction -- Python doesn't have problems with the nodes, it has problems with the memory management built-in into godot, since it has its own memory management.

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