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I have been using Godot for a year now and even though it is open source,
the engine is still being ignored everywhere except for the community. Updates are slowing and it might stall if we don't try to fix this.
Unreal Engine, Unity and Lumberyard are being released as free and with their huge community and advanced set of tools, it will be very hard to beat.
There are other open source engines that are also not receiving much attention such as Torque2D/3D, Blender Game Engine

A presence in social media is certainly lacking. It is important that a dedicated Facebook, Twitter page is present. Video demos that show the features and capabilities are also lacking. Quality video tutorials are also lacking.
I think while the strength of Godot is in 2D.
Advanced 3D features is important for Godot to get noticed because game devs these days go for the flashiest features. Advanced features such as raytracing, particle collision, liquid physics and others.

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I don't think paid advertisements are the way to go for community-developed open source projects. Moreover, Project Wonderful shut down in August 2018.

I think that now the game industry needs to download the pc client is no longer a trend.
Should support a lighter and smaller h5 export,
Like facebook h5 game,
Years of independent development experience,
Sorry, English is not my native language.

By actually making a fun game with this engine.

If you have anymore suggestions or violent reactions, please post
about them below.


That's right. You might also think of expanding your camps so as to issue your own coins in order to make developers your investors, etc. The existing community is a great place to start building from.

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I think that the new website is a great step towards this, it has everything needed for anyone to get started (and the old website was buggy). Also, AFAIK there is already a Facebook page and Twitter account.
It's recent thought, Unity3D and Unreal have been around for like 10, 20 years, and popular games have been made with them. These things take time :)

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Also, Godot really has gathered a lot of popularity on reddit at least. I have been mentioning and recommending it, and now see it recommended and mentioned in just about every r/gamedev or r/indiedev post asking about game engines.

What batmanasb says is true. I was searching Reddit for alternatives to Unity and it was one of his comments that brought me here :)

haha, welcome to the club!

yup. Reddit brought me here. And I really like what I am seeing.

It was a Google search suggestion that brought me here...

compare godot readme.md with cocos-x readme.md ,cocos2d introduce look better.so I think the godot (readme.md) need to update more better as soon as possible!

A teacher in my advisory told me about this website, and now i am creating a game with a team, so it has reallt helped me out!

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I think the best way to put Godot in the big spot is showing what is capable of. lets make a game! gather a team of developers and develop a game to show everyone Godot. :) We can use GBot as character. :D

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and we can expand the idea. Put on steam, in mobile, make cool animations in blender, turn into a complete series of tutorials, maybe an e-book, share the assets, make a crowd-funding... just to point some... The adventures of Gbot, searching for Gbot. something like that... :)

This is actually what blender does. Check their projects here: https://www.blender.org/features/projects/

They also use this procedure to add some new features during the process and in case of selling the dvd they earn some money which they can put into blender.

This all can be adapted to the game genre as well I think.

We should also have a nice amnimation you can play when you start the game. For example unreals animation.

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So lets reverse engineer what success might look like.

  1. Often Used by Game Developers in for their projects
  2. Resources for fast and easy pick up of the engine
  3. Community is capable of answering all questions asked within a reasonably short amount of time.

For 3 to happen:

  • This is a function of the number of community members. Which is a function of popularity of the engine.
  • Bring our external supporters to our main hub (Here).
  • Use our social sites for primarily promotion. Encouraging QA here.

For 2 to happen:

  • We need 3 to work.
  • We need tutorials for devs coming from Unity, UE, and the other big names.
  • We should have to tutorials covering all the basic game genres.
  • Build examples that stir interest by doing unusual games or methods.

For 1 to happen one of a few things need to.

  • 2 & 3
  • AAA developer uses Godot to release a game.
  • 20 to 50 solid non-demo/tutorial games need to be released within the next year.
  • 1-3 Amazing breakout indie games in the next year

It is a tough road ahead but with the growth we have been seeing it might be possible to do with a lot of work.

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1-3 Amazing breakout indie games in the next year

Working on it ;) No promises though...

I think another point for 2 would be the docs need to be fully filled in. One complaint I often see is that many functions don't have a description of what they do so in some cases it's trial and error to see what it does.

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Is it possible to show the Godot Engine to others in an organization or educational facility? Cause I think if we can show others of what we managed to create in an open source game engine to students at middle schools, high schools, or community colleges, then chances are that they too will take interest into learning the game engine.

Plus the best part is that regardless that the game engine itself requires a slight learning curve, it's not that hard to understand how the game engine works and how to program GDScript!

I can imagine young students who are either good at math or not can easily catch up in this neat little engine and come up something creative!

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I'm working right now to start a class at my high school using Godot, but tech folk are concerned that the coding might pose a security risk.

Can a teacher keep students on school machines from using C++ and only have them implement GDscript and if so, would this still allow for "breaking" the machines. In this case, having the game bread is less of an issue than vandalizing school equipment.

I saw a discussion on "sandboxing," but I'm not sure this is what I'd need.

To be clear, then, I would say that Godot is ideal for educational settings if it can be configured so as not to allow undetected malicious behavior. Is that possible?

We teach Computer Science and you do not need administrator rights for suing Godot. There are plenty of monitoring tools that would enable you to limit what activities students are doing. We've had a fairly full toolset on our Macs and PCs and this has never been an issue. However what we do have as a fail safe is the ability to reghost the machines and this would be a good idea anyway...

I'm also looking into introducing Godot at our school in Malaysia, but I can see that we're going to have to put work into getting the tutorials into a good place. I've done it for PyGame, so I don't think its unsurmountable and the 3D functionality is a real draw.

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I ´m biginer - if I ask to question - I have answer in +- 3 hours - it´s good and thank community!

But on youtube are only +- 4 good tutorials (or tutorials series) for biginers in GODOT (for 2d)!

and about Blender game engine...
At first engine I start in blender game engine - and that was easy - tutorials in my language (+- 3 but good), in english - are BGE tutorials for everything.

I hope so that situation (GODOT on youtube) will be alter...

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From my point of view the best promo of the engine is a game that is successful and massively downloaded.

Now majority of massively downloaded mobile games is free with IAP or advertisements and games that use social services such as leaderboards, share with friends etc. Godot does not offer much in these fields - no tutorials, no fully-fledged modules (there are some modules but they have limited functionality, Godot must be compiled from source and majority of them aren't even updated to work with 2.0). For now include these functionalities in a game needs experience in Java, in androik sdk, google play services, etc. and many game developers are't experienced in these fields fo make proper module. Also make these modules by yourself consumes precious time that can be spend to game development especially in small indie teams.

Further in mobile industry, half of a market is iOS. We can export game to iOS but it is far from straightforward approach when exporting to Android. And we can see that majority of new released games are Android only.

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To promote the engine Godot main developers could simply develop a well-polished 3D, multiplayer game in free to play. No need for a very innovative game, but need experienced developers, like Reduz and Punto, and a graphic artist to make the game attractive for the eyes.
The time spent for this would be a benefit to catch and fix a lot of bugs, and make lot of improvements on the 3D engine, and as a bonus, it could bring some money to Okam ( or Godot donation system ?).

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But this has to happen after the release of 3.0

Hope that happens soon :))

I do want to make a multiplayer FPS using Godot (fully free/libre/open source), but I'll probably start after the networking/3D improvements. I have quite a lot of freely-licensed of assets for it, and many design ideas.

Hello Calinou

I am currently working on an FPS using godot (most recent version) and as a developper I'm focusing mostly on the code. When you say you have a lot of freely licensed assets, this interest me a lot. My project is totally free and open source (you can get it already if you want), yet it's not really optimized for multiplayer. I try to use the flexibility of Godot to its maximum. But in artistic terms, I've no idea what to do.Would you mind to share some of your assets with me?

Just starting to develop the game but here is a list I compiled of places to go for lots of free assets including music, sound effects, graphics, tilesets, UI, etc. https://gitlab.com/Object_Impermanence/Crouching_Politician_Hidden_Power/blob/master/List_of_places_for_assets.txt

As I say in the .txt file, I don't own anything from the places I listed so make sure to provide proper attribution and read the specific license.

Hope this helps anyone reading it in the future.

No this needs to happen after 4.0 after releasing it with Vulkan and then we rip the competition to shreds, in a non-violent way. But Yeah This needs to happen maybe not like reduz himself but someone else could do it. Like Blender's Open Projects. A lot like the Godot FPS Demo.

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I think, youtube videos are the way to go!
If i want to learn something I always start with Youtube. It's just so simple. You don't need to install something. And you wont be faced with situations where you just did some tiny mistake which takes you hours to figure out because you are a compleaty Newby in that topic. I think there are already good tutorials: Ndee and "GameFromScrach" did a really nice job. But I think there should be an tutorial where you are guided through the creation process of a well polished and interesting game. So when people are searching for something like. "Making your first game" they find and want to follow that tutorial. And If you once tried out godot you won't leave it that fast...
So if anybody find time to make another good tutorial series, than this would really help the community (at least that's what I think). I maybe am going to do something in German when I find the time (but I never did tutorials -> so I'm not experienced and I'm not sure if it becomes as high quality as I expect ;) )

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It was in Ndee's Brave Bran demo that I actually heard about Godot the first time and it was so perfect a presentation for a new user like me. When I watched that game, I really wanted to do something like he did using this engine. We need more demos like that.

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I think Godot needs more 3d games/demos/examples to more attention.
needs-3d terrain editor, enhance shadows, for the artist's Visual scripting or more GDscript tutorials for artists where it's explained everything simply as if it taught the child.
Godot also needs to improve the Environment node for 3d -sun-rays, changing day/night.
Version 3 will bring something but I appreciate the work of developers, and I know that these things are not easy to implement but Godot has to include side by side to Unity and Unreal engines.... it takes time, because Godot is still young and really amazing engine.
As an artist I can for the community to create some models of the highest quality, it means sculpting/retopology process and these models is not easy to create.
I think the light is in front of us.

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One important thing would be some press work I think. There are many magazines and blogs out there which would be very happy if we provide them with news. They have sections and newsletters where they simply inform about updates of opensource apps.

I am reading the newsletters from
heise Developer
Pro Linux
just to name a few.

They are all in german language. But they all have in common that there are sections where they announce new software updates. I think often they just repost press texts from the projects self. Maybe we can collect those mags and blogs which should know of godot somewhere and provide infos to them. This should all be well coordinated...

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Golem would be really good i think!

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