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I have been using Godot for a year now and even though it is open source,
the engine is still being ignored everywhere except for the community. Updates are slowing and it might stall if we don't try to fix this.
Unreal Engine, Unity and Lumberyard are being released as free and with their huge community and advanced set of tools, it will be very hard to beat.
There are other open source engines that are also not receiving much attention such as Torque2D/3D, Blender Game Engine

A presence in social media is certainly lacking. It is important that a dedicated Facebook, Twitter page is present. Video demos that show the features and capabilities are also lacking. Quality video tutorials are also lacking.
I think while the strength of Godot is in 2D.
Advanced 3D features is important for Godot to get noticed because game devs these days go for the flashiest features. Advanced features such as raytracing, particle collision, liquid physics and others.

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Connecting with Free and Open Source software enthusiasts will get you far I think. Create a Mastodon instance dedicated to Godot Devs.

Also, Purism is putting out a new FOSS friendly mobile phone called the Librem 5. I think team Godot could approach Purism and ask them if they could be the goto game engine toolset for their platform.

Get some ads going. Like Fb ads or Pw* ads, or even Google ads.

*pw -- project wonderful

I don't think paid advertisements are the way to go for community-developed open source projects. Moreover, Project Wonderful shut down in August 2018.

I think that now the game industry needs to download the pc client is no longer a trend.
Should support a lighter and smaller h5 export,
Like facebook h5 game,
Years of independent development experience,
Sorry, English is not my native language.

By actually making a fun game with this engine.

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How about the Godot Devs run a game competition for serious cash prizes or offer to market the winning games?

This will increase the number of developers who use other game engines to look at Godot.

The reason the prizes need to be good is because if someone has invested $$$ in other engines like game maker/click team fusion etc., they aren't going to want to swap, they will want to get the most from the product they've paid for. So to attract them to Godot they need to be tempted away.

answered Aug 4, 2017 by SleepyTom (134 points)
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Fix bugs? :D

Spread the word about the fastest development process out there in a feature rich environment. Really, the only engine that had integrated cutout animations, shaders, physics and sound and a good node system, when I was looking for it. Can get to the merit of what you're doing really quickly. Unfortunately for me 2.1.3 "stable" broke more than it introduced.

Things that are off-putting for me:
- Pixels instead of metres. (Have to decide on resolution of sprites/particles upfront. If i want to upscale in the future, have to manually scale sprites down... and at 2 decimal places run out of scale!)
- No 2D vector graphics.
- Strange particle system. (Not exactly poor but scaling limitations in world space, also motion limitations, randomness system, image angles bit motion dependent... Still many things are possible but very limiting.)
- 2D spatial sound issues.
- No ragdoll tools.
- GDScript performance, especially drawing primitives... but maybe it's my code.
- Get mouse position when camera has a scale is just a lie. Need a custom function every time.

But in general - my favourite engine with a sane file size.

I worked only in 2D so far, can't speak about 3D.

answered Aug 4, 2017 by vtepe (21 points)
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My two cents...

People need to make stuff, share them online, make videos about creating and playing their games.

If i see something simple and cool, something i could do out of the box, i get excited. Godot as a standalone creation tool allows that, it just needs more content that supports the interests of game designers, and makes it accessable for newcomers.

answered Jan 30, 2018 by KND2501 (104 points)
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  • Encrypted Resources
    meaning the engine may be community driven Open Source project,
    but the resources (game assets) are available the same for others to create they own;
  • Protected Logic
    meaning the instructions are not open sourced;
    the situation is to avoid others on building expectations from unknown fame;
    that unlike the engine that works on building content - the content built would create hostage situations by these expectations;
  • Access to Local Files
    meaning file handling for creating text databases;
    full access to launch files if not all perfectly embedded content
    even if it is restricted to the application(.exe) folder;
  • Build not only games, but softwares
    meaning using the graphic engine for organizing super interface programs;
    "full file access";
  • Better Examples on manipulate\use features
    meaning to avoid wasted efforts on discovering on better knowing what the software can do;
  • Single File is Simple and Clean
    meaning as simple it goes, Windows knows best; Double click compiled(.exe) file and run;
  • Forever Alone
    meaning the product is solid by documentation and everything, once a project is started who knows the planet would still exists out there;
  • Pascal Language ? ohhh had such sights to show you . . .
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I am still, now the game industry needs to download the pc client is no longer a trend
Should support a lighter and smaller h5 export,Like facebook h5 game
Years of independent development experience´╝î
Sorry, English is not my native language.

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Take Amazon Lumberyard as an example. It's new, open-source and yet it already is quite popular. The showcase of this game-engine is way greater than that of Godot. Sure Godot doesn't have twitch integration or gamelift, but Godot is better than this. Its because they probably paid and sponsored people (forcing) people to make beautiful 3D and popular games. It's really sad, but if it works it works.

So my first tip is, sponsor game developers to make a really beautiful/ famous showcase game made in Godot. Get influential! Get famous!

Secondly, I AM making a Godot game and will be showcasing it on my school. It's purpose is to learn, and to get more people to sign up for my school as well.

Lastly, I just love Godot, and I think you do too, and this is Godot's greatest strength. The community. The fans of Godot should be slowly but steadily growing. And by fans, of course I mean game developers, refusing using other game engines out there.

Godot is the best


answered Jan 8 by VaporLain (16 points)

Not wanting to start any war here but my impression is that Amazon Lumberyard has trouble gaining popularity. Do you have any references that show it's getting popular? I originally was quite hyped for LY so I would very much like it to succeed :). Same with Godot of course.

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Speaking as someone frustrated with the difficulty and complexity of Unity and who came here looking for a simpler, yet powerful alternative ...

If you go on YouTube and look at games made with Godot, it seems like a powerful game engine, but the demos you can download within the engine are absolutely pitiful. Not only do they look bad, but more importantly, they play bad, too. In the platformer demos, the MC can't even handle slopes properly or worse - he can't even ride a moving platform successfully! wtf ... It just makes Godot look like complete amateur garbage and it isn't! You want to make this engine more popular? You have to show people how good it is and help people get started with demos that actually look and play like the beginnings of professional games! Right now, you open up the engine, download the demo games and go, "UGH, what total amateur garbage. I'm not wasting my time on this crap. Next!" Such a shame.

Godot has the markings of something created by extremely talented people who have no idea how to market/present something to the general public (or don't care about trying and think it's unimportant). It's an amazing product - now, show people that! You've done the hard part, now do the easy part! Make terrific game demos that SHOW people what Godot is capable of and what they can look forward to doing with it! The last thing you want to do is turn people off after they've downloaded the engine. If you think you've got them just because they downloaded and opened the engine you are seriously mistaken. That just means you have them on the line. They are interested, which is great, but they are not landed yet. Terrific demos will help land them. Lousy demos will lose them most of the time.

After watching YouTube videos, I was excited to use Godot. I downloaded it and after trying the 2D platformer demos now I'm thinking, "Wait - was I duped?"

You have to finish the job landing the newbie.

answered Apr 30 by LeoMDK (14 points)
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