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I've been using Tiled to make a tileset. From that I have made a tilemap and I have tried importing it into Godot. Sadly, that is not working.

I don't know what the problem is. When I try to import the tilemap, all the importer said is that it can't load.

What I first do is load a PNG image into the sprite sheet in the tileset configuration. Then I lay out the tiles in the tilemap.

FWIW, I'm using Godot 2.1.3.

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How are you importing the tilemap (not tileset)? This isn't built-in to Godot AFAIK.

I'm using the Tiled importer plugin.

Is there any message in the console?

After messing around with something in Tiled, I was able to import something. But it doesn't look like any of my tiles were imported. I mean, I have a *.res file which was imported. But I find none of my tiles were imported.

I guess I need to set something else in Tiled?

There's nothing special to be set in Tiled (apart from the map format to remove compression). Without a sample file with the error or the message that shows on console (if any) I can't really help, because I don't know what's failing.

I think I have found the problem. When I saved the properties for the tilemap, I was setting the Tile Layer Format to things like uncompressed and XML. What I was suppose to use (at least in this case) was CSV. Apparently, I can import the tilemap as a Gridmap now.

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