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I am trying to get SSL/https connection working in my game.

I've got a Let'sEncrypt certificate which I use on sub-domain https://rud.upcode.pl and its working properly.

In my Godot's project settings, I've added my certificate.crt under
Project Settings->SSL->certificates tab.

I've also added .crt files to export, in export->resources.

Anyway, when I try to make requests to my hosts (rud.upcode.pl) I get in the console things like:

HTTPClient entered status 3
HTTPClient entered status 5
HTTPClient entered status 8
Connection Error

I am using a client wrapper from this gist:

Any idea what should I change to make SSL working?

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I encountered the same thing with Let'sEncrypt
It was working with a self signed certficate setup, but not with the downloaded seperate certifcate from Let'sEncrypt.
With the certificate bundle from the godot git repository however it does work with the Let'sEncrypt setup.
Got the answer from here:

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