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I have a bullet, but i want that depending on a variable it will show one texture or another (this is made so enemy bullets look different that player bullets without needing to create a new node)
How could I do it?

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This is somewhat pseudo code, but you can do something like this.

var bullet_tex1 = preload("res://bullet1.tex")
var bullet_tex2 = preload("res://bullet2.tex")
var bullet_tex3 = preload("res://bullet3.tex")

onready var bullet_sprite = get_node("bullet_sprite_node")

func switch_texture(num):

    if  (num == 1):

    elif(num == 2):

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Just for best practice should you not use a match statement in switch_texture?

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Easy as pie!

var bullet = Sprite.new()

func _ready():
    add_child(bullet, true)
    bullet.texture = "res://bullet_tex1"
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