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Hello there! I'm making new threads to improve performance and load some terrain in the background. I was testing out threads when I found the following problem:

I have this function in World:

func test_threads():
    var newchunk=MeshInstance.new()
    var mythread=Thread.new()
    var err
    err=mythread.start(newchunk,"test_threads","butt")#Need to pass user data
    var a=mythread.wait_to_finish()

Then this function in chunk.gd:

func test_threads(userdata):
    print("chunk.test_threads got run")
    var mesh=Mesh.new()
    return userdata

And this crashes! Some other cases:
Remove var mesh=Mesh.new() -> it runs fine
Change to var mesh=MeshInstance.new() -> It crashes
Change to var mesh=Resource.new() -> It runs fine

So do we know of this problem? Can anyone else make a mesh from a new thread?

asked Jul 25, 2017 in Engine by DrPlamsa (56 points)
edited Jul 26, 2017 by volzhs

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