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In my mobile game project I want to implement in app purchases.
In google play console I wanted to define products user may purchase in the game.

However, Google Play console says that I have to add a BILLING permission to my apk in order to define them. I can't find such permission when exporting to the APK file.

I've tried custom user permission, so I've added BILLING permission under custom user permission but it also doesn't work.

Any ideas, what should I add or change in order to get BILLING permission enabled as google play require?


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The demo doesn't include an example export_config. And this permission doesn't show up in Godot 3...

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Hi desik,

When exporting android apk there r list of permissions when u r using custom build mode for android.....u only have to tick billing permission that is 7th or 8th permission and then export to android.....
If already exported u can then done too....only u have to open export.cfg file and add that permission manually.
Hope I helped u out.....if u have any queries comment it out....I would be happy to clearyfy u.


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Why would you use texting abbreviations in here? It's illegible. Please don't do that.

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