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Make sure to use export templates that match your editor version; if you use a new Godot version, you have to update the templates too. - ok(I compiled for 2.1.3

libgodot_android.so is not in lib/armeabi-v7a or lib/armeabi - ?
Device does not support armv7 (try compiling yourself for armv6) - ok(Was working before I installed the module

Device is Intel, and apk is compiled for ARM. - ok(Was working before I installed the module

I am using this module here:


I've been using it for a while, but I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm not sure if it will work. Not in lib.

I checked with adb, and the only strange thing I found was this:

[e3720200] Application Error: org.godot:0: signaled
  kgsl-3d0_surfaceflinger(343)-surfaceflinger(343)-1_pt signaled@4110.536978: 98615 / 98680 retired:98680
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there should be adb logs what causes the crash.

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I was able to solve, the problem was in this part here that says in the documentation:

libgodot_android.so is not in lib/armeabi-v7a or lib/armeabi - ?

Links that helped me to understand better:


1 - Extract the source code again. If you did not move too much, just cleaning the "libs" folder would work.

2 - scons --clean

3 - scons platform=android target=release

4 - scons platform=android target=release_debug

5 - cd platform/android/java/

6 - ./gradlew build

7 - Place the created APKs in the .godot/templates/ folder, or in the Custom Package in the export area.

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