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Can I dynamically create player/randomly/procedural defined RigidBodies (2d and 3d), Collisions, Sprites, and Shapes with in-game editable attributes at the location of a mouse click?

I am working on a simulator game project similar to SimLife, SimEarth, SimAnt and a little Spore as well and I like godot, I'm just not sure if godot is best suited for that.

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I am quite new to godot aswell but I think I have learned somethings:

  1. In 3d you could use a raycast where the camera is and then create a meshinstance or whatever you need there.
  2. In 2d you can use your mouse position
  3. For procedural 3d meshes you can create a new mesh, and use the SurfaceTool(check the docs) to generate a mesh and assign it to your object.
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