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Hi everyone!! :)

I need to create a script to make the move of an enemy. The enemy is a seagull. The seagull flies with circular and continuous motion. I need to use move function because the seagull needs to detect collisions. I dont know if in godot I can use something similar to euler function like Unity 5 in this case.


Thanks for any help ;)

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First you need to declare circular movement. Like:

var speed = 1
var CircularMovement = Curve2D.new()
var r = 100
var pos = Vector2(200,200)

Then you should save somewhere position in baked_points, eg.:

var bppos = 0

If you can use move_to() instead of move(), everything will be easier. If so, use:

func _fixed_process(delta):
if bppos + delta*speed >= CircularMovement.get_baked_points().size():
    bppos += delta*speed - CircularMovement.get_baked_points().size()
    bppos += delta*speed

SHOULD work, but not best solution.

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This is bad due to ignoring the delta value of the fixed process function.

Yup, that's true. It should be something like this:

bppos += delta*1

And o/c condition: if bppos is at the end of curve; then pbpos = 0
Thanks for caution :)

Thanks for editing! Now this should work find on any computer / framerate.

Many thanks I will try it :)

Hey, thanks! That was really helpful :)

Do you know how can I change the points to get an elliptical orbit instead of a circular one?

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I know this has been answered, but I found a simpler solution while searching around that I think might be useful for someone.

var RotateSpeed = 5
var Radius = 100
var _centre
var _angle = 0

func _ready():
    _centre = self.get_pos()

func _process(delta): 
       _angle += RotateSpeed * delta;

        var offset = Vector2(sin(_angle), cos(_angle)) * Radius;
        var pos = _centre + offset

And just replace the last line "self.set_pos(pos)" for move(pos) if you are using a KinematicBody2D.

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